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Personal Mythmaking was the closest thing that I had to a vacation in close to a decade. It’s such a luxurious and nourishing blend of creativity, self-care and healing.

Before taking this class, I had some major chips on my shoulder and I felt resigned to lug these things around with me for the rest of my life. Janelle’s class offered a fun, safe and creative way to reframe my troubling stories.

Taking this class was the nicest gift that I ever gave myself.

jess Molnar, Odd Duck Press, usa


I feel like every aspect of our being was examined; it allowed for all the various personalities; there is something for everyone.

There was so much information we could apply to our own lives allowing for clarity and understanding. I ended up with a much better idea of who I am and have fewer limits on what I am becoming.

Jennifer setterfield, cabinetmaker, canada

When I started Janelle’s Personal Mythmaking course, I’d been working on my memoir for years, but in a practical sense, I was getting nowhere.

By the time the course finished, I had a complete outline (the spine and organs of my book with its threads and themes,) three full chapters, and the start of my book proposal.

The course also led me to generate tons of material for articles or essays.

I don’t mean to suggest that Janelle’s course whips your book into shape. Rather, she’s designed a masterful journey through unexpected detours where you discover the soul of your memoir and the most crucial essences of your story and voice.

You’ll get writing prompts that take you through myth, archetypes, fairy tales, and artwork. The sources are vast, but they synthesize together to inform and reframe your personal paradigms.

Molly Pennington, PhD

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