Personal Mythmaking

#100daysofwhatsunderneathpaintings is a daily portrait painting project that ended up taking 3 years.

Each painting is of a real person, based upon the What’s Underneath Interview series by the phenomenal mother/daughter duo over at StyleLikeU.

My challenge - to choose a photo from each interview, restricted to what StyleLikeU shared on their Instagram feed.

I would paint the portrait, watch the 10 minute interview and post the portrait on Instagram to keep myself accountable to my project.

To get to know each person in this exhibit, simply look up the number on the bottom left hand corner of the painting, scroll down to find that number on this page, and click through.

One - Adwoa Aboa

Two - Stav B.

Three - Olivia Campbell

Four - Charli Howard

Five - Diane Goldie

Six - Freddie Harrel

Seven - Summer Joy Phoenix

Eight - Anthony Carrigan

Nine - Cathy Cooper

Ten - Ryan O’Connell

Eleven - Renee Gunter

Twelve - Caitlin Stasey

Thirteen - Daphne Rubin-Vega

Fourteen - Elly Mayday

Fifteen - Tyler Ford

Sixteen - Ella Dawson

Seventeen - Lea Delaria

Eighteen - Georgia Pratt

Nineteen - Staceyann Chin

Twenty - Biet Simkin

Twentyone - Brigitte Aphrodite

Twentytwo - Tessa Edwards

Twentythree - Sarah Jane Adams

Twentyfour - Alok Vaid-Menon

Twentyfive - Petra Collins

Twentysix - Nai Palm

Twentyseven - Bethann Hardison

Twentyeight - Naomi Shimada

Twentynine - Sara Elise Hardman

Thirty - Evan Voyles

Thirtyone - Stacy Barthe

Thirtytwo - Domino Kirke

Thirtythree - Marie Southard Ospina

Thirtyfour - Ryley Pogensky

Thirtyfive - Ellen Elias

Thirtysix - Lisl Steiner

Thirtyseven - Alexa Wilding

Thirtyeight - Rafael Ramirez

Thirtynine - Latasha Alcindor

Forty - Mari Malek

Fortyone - Lysa Cooper

Fortytwo - Zoe Dolan

Fortythree - Io Tillett Wright

Fortyfour - Gail Chovan

Fortyfive - Monica Canilao

Fortysix - Louis Mandelbaum

Fortyseven - Elisa Goodkind

Fortyeight - Lily Mandelbaum

Fortynine - Cipriana Quann

Fifty - Clementine Desseaux

Fiftyone - Kembra Pfahler

Fiftytwo - Pamela Melet

Fiftythree - Lizzo

Fiftyfour - Shannon Clagett

Fiftyfive - Meagan Fredette

Fiftysix - Karyn Starr

Fiftyseven - Jo Lampert

Fiftyeight - Chloe Norgaard

Fiftynine - Nikkiesha McLeod

Sixty - Syrie Moskowitz

Sixtyone - Shaun Ross

Sixtytwo - Mengly Hernandez

Sixtythree - Myla Dalbesio

Sixtyfour - Jillian Mercado

Sixtyfive - Paloma Elsesser

Sixtysix - Molly Guy

Sixtyseven - Melanie Gaydos

Sixtyeight - Annina Roeschiesen

Sixtynine - Rachel Fleit

Seventy - Kevin Stewart

Seventyone - Jacky O’Shaughnessy

Seventytwo - Tallulah Willis

Seventythree - Reign Apiim

Seventyfour - Jamar Rogers

Seventyfive - Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

Seventysix - Iskra Lawrence

Seventyseven - Amanda Palmer

Seventyeight - Nathalie Kelley

Seventynine - Juliana Huxtable

Eighty - Deena Chanowitz

Eightyone - Michaela Angela Davis

Eightytwo - Ashley Smith

Eightythree - Carly Mark

Eightyfour - Heather Boo

Eightyfive - Caspar Malte Jorgensen

Eightysix - India Salvor Menuez

Eightyseven - Jordan Bradfield


Eightynine - Cindy Gallop

Ninety - Rog Walker

Ninetyone - Jorge Wright

Ninetytwo - Elisa Jimenez

Ninetythree - Elijah Pryor

Ninetyfour - Domonique Echeverria

Ninetyfive - Domonique Echeverria

Ninetysix - Bailey Rebecca Roberts

Ninetyseven - Emmanuelle Linard

Ninetyeight - Erin Lefkowitz

Ninetynine - Kelsey Lu McJunkins

One Hundred - Meredith Graves


About the artist - (me, Janelle Hardy)

I’m a born and raised Yukoner, artist, solo mother and creator of a transformational online memoir-writing course called The Art of Personal Mythmaking.

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